Monday, July 31, 2017


Farewell, Athena, for I must set sail
  Beyond the world of gods and goddesses
With no blind bard to help me tell my tale
  And no fond owl to show me where home is.
I am alone all home that I will need:
  My son is grown, my wife is long since dead,
And I’ve gone gray; but in me lies a seed
  From which will spring, like you did from God’s head,
Some new adventure or a final love
  Before my battered body gives the ghost.
Smile as you watch my last days from above.
  Know that I’ll live them to the uttermost.
     Look for the setting sun and there I’ll be, 
     Fading in waves across the wine-dark sea.

Copyright 1975, 2017 by Matthew J Wells

1 comment:

Brett Busang said...

Anybody who knows you would find that both eerily prescient and somberly precocious. Let's cheer for the young fellow and pray for the voyager. (Or, if you care to substitute my descriptors with Ariel and Prospero, you have my most sympathetic permission.)