Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Month of Couplets - June 2017

From The Daily Couplet:


She gave her love, then came the double-cross.
He walked away, thinking: blind fool—your loss.


To be the person I was meant to be
Means learning not to take things personally.


                 Two Ideas Of Love

He’s worthless, but she loves him for the way
He makes her think he’ll be a prize someday.


                       Two Ideas Of Love

He likes to say “My flaws are what create me.”
She likes to screw up, then say “Please don’t hate me.”


The right wing loves successful terrorists—
Laws against them can shut down activists.


The First Amendment isn’t worth a dime
When laws are passed that make protests a crime.


Life is a stage, so make the part you play
Impeccable in all you do and say.


               The Art of The Trump

He hollers “LIAR!” when his foes are critical.
His base cries: “Honest! Blunt! And unpolitical.”


Any deep feeling can, in its own fashion,
Become a great mistake—except compassion.


                       Two Ideas Of Love

What helps: when he's not there, he never haunts her.
What hurts: she's all he hates, but he still wants her.


People who treat you colder than December
Are clubs that don't deserve you as a member.


Two Nevers haunt all that Life has in store
For us: Never again. Never before.


The facts are never trusted by the pious
Because they always have a left-wing bias.


             The Senate’s 
          Kamala Harris Rule

You must treat liars deferentially
Whenever they reply evasively.


The fool will always blame the quills—and whine—
After he tries to hug the porcupine.


Desire: “I’ll win your love because I choose you!”
Love: “I can’t let you go, or else I’ll lose you!”


Friendship sees all and chooses to be kind.
Love only lasts when it’s a little blind.


Love writes a poem filled with perfect rhymes.
Marriage sees all the typos as high crimes.


      The 10 Commandments
    Of the Republican Right - 1

We must be treated deferentially,
Not asked hard questions about policy.


      The 10 Commandments
    Of the Republican Right – 2

It’s honesty when you applaud our tracts
And propaganda when you check our facts.


          The 10 Commandments
       of the Republican Right – 3

The toughest question that we want to hear
Is whether you believe that we’re sincere.


          The 10 Commandments
        of the Republican Right – 4

We’re weary of your smirking cynicism.
Echo our press release—that’s journalism.


          The 10 Commandments
        of the Republican Right – 5

We’ll treat the symptoms as if they’re the cause
And end big government with tons of laws.


         The 10 Commandments
        of the Republican Right – 6

We all agree that it makes little sense
To subject our beliefs to evidence.


         The 10 Commandments
       of the Republican Right – 7

We cannot lead this great democracy
Unless you say “Of course, Your Majesty!”


            The 10 Commandments
          of the Republican Right – 8

Like all whose hearts are mean, and mien is royal,
We’ll suffer traitors, but not the disloyal.


          The 10 Commandments
       of the Republican Right – 9

You cry: “If you have principles, then say them!”
But since we lack them, how can we betray them?


          The 10 Commandments
       of the Republican Right - 10

We’ll suck up to whoever is in power
Even if whores gave him a golden shower.


          The 10 Commandments
      of the Republican Right - 11

You can be sure that you will face our wrath
When you subject our fiscal lies to math.


You can rely on one thing from the Right:
The whine they serve is always cold and white.

Copyright 2017 Matthew J Wells

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