Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Special Garden: Two Valentine's Day Sonnets

                 What Makes You So Special?

What makes you so special? What makes a heart
So big it bursts with joy? What makes a soul
So strong that it can laugh at every dart
Life hurls at it? What makes you whole

If not your separate pieces, each of which
Is like a diamond on the necklace of
Your public self—bright jewels that enrich
Your every move and word? What else but love

Lies behind all you give, and deserves just
As much, if not more, in return? You show
Strangers what caring means, your friends what trust
Can do, and all your lovers that to know

You is like knowing heaven star by star.
What makes you special? Everything you are.

                 The Garden of Your Soul

The garden of your soul is green and cool.
It’s landscaped so the ones you trust can see
Its flower beds of love, the nursery
Where all your wishes blossom, and the pool

Of tranquil peace where you can float at ease.
An ever-greenhouse to support and please you,
It’s why the sere world feels a fragrant breeze
And thinks of roses every time it sees you.

And when you’re in the weeds, and every petal
Cries out for your attention and your care,
Water them one by one, and never settle
For anything that withers you—but dare

To own each blossom like it was your child—
And keep that garden soothing, safe and wild.

Copyright 2017 Matthew J Wells


Molly said...

Lovely words and images and rhythms. Happy Valentine's Day to you as well. Thank you.

PugsnBubs said...

❤️Love ❤️ love ❤️ love ❤️