Thursday, February 23, 2017

Clever To Wise

              for Bri Getterman

To change the world, I have to change the eyes
   That see it, and the hands I use to fashion
It like clay, and the heart that deifies
   My demons; till I view all with dispassion,
And learn to see the face behind my face,
   The spirit in the shell, the me behind
The I, the garden that my walls encase,
   The stillness underneath my busy mind—
And live a truth that shames the lies I wear
   Like labels, leaving me sincere and clean
And helpless—bravely helpless—with soul bare,
   Eyes clear, hands steady, and a heart serene
      To shun the ego underneath my name
      And be a spark that sets the world aflame.

Copyright 2017 Matthew J Wells


Brett Busang said...

As always, you struggle manfully (if I may use such an obsolete word) against demons within and without, and with language made luminous by that struggle.

Horvendile said...

The inner ones are the real killers; the outer ones, more like accessories before the fact. ;-) Thanks, my friend.