Monday, September 12, 2016

Frank Mills + 50

                          May 1966 issue of Rave Magazine

Fifty years ago, I met Frank Mills
On September 12th, right here,
In front of (what used to be) the Waverly.
God, did he adore me!
But I was a mess.

His kids have kids now, I bet
(Like mine do).
They like disco and death metal,
Not the Beatles,
And they shave their hair
Until they’re smooth down there
Front and back.

I married
The singer who knocked me up
And then I walked out on him.
And now I live in Park Slope
Where toddlers wear crash helmets.

I buy food online
And clothes on credit
And Medicare won’t cover the pain
So I
Binge watch
Charlie’s Angels.

I keep trying to see
If Frank’s on Facebook
So that I can friend him.
I was finicky once;
Now I’m not hard to please.

All those random years and I
Can’t recall three back to back.


Copyright 2016 Matthew J Wells


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