Monday, July 18, 2016

Byron and Shelley and the Parish Priest

“Priests are all hypocrites,” Shelley declared one day.  

“And how would you know that,” Byron replied, “since you never go to Mass?”  Which was the truth. As a profound atheist, Shelley was in the habit of avoiding church services, while as a profound ironist, Byron attended as many as possible. 

“I speak from personal Experience,” Shelley explained. “When I was young, our parish pastor was Meek, modest, self-effacing, and a gentle Friend to everyone in the community. But the moment he stepped up to the Pulpit, he became  a completely different person. A vain, conceited, self-loving Narcissist. A pompous Ass who only spoke about Himself.” 

“That is not surprising,” Byron said with a shrug. 

“Not surprising!” Shelley cried. “He turned into a completely Different person!” 

“Of course he did,” Byron said. “Doesn’t every priest have an altar ego?”
Copyright 2016 Matthew J Wells