Thursday, February 25, 2016

Love Is

        for Dawn & Dave

Love is the song that can’t fit all the words
   Into the tune and still say what you feel,
So half of what you sing is for the birds;
   And, if you’re lucky, half of it is real.
Love is the gala that will bring you fame;
   You charm, take charge, go nuts, beg, steal and borrow.
And when it’s done, you check to see who came,
   And start it all over again tomorrow.
Love is the gift that takes after it gives.
   When it’s true love, you never want it back.
It writes a song where something precious lives.
   It plans your fête; and shows you that you lack
      Nothing in you to be the equal of
      The song a bell sings when it’s made of love. 


Copyright 2016 Matthew J Wells


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