Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Get Out Of My Mind


What goes on underneath those piercing eyes
    When they see me? Do they perceive the joke
I think I am, the saint who hates all lies
    Because of all the promises he broke?
What do you see—an old man acting young,
   Or someone young inside an aging shell?
A ballad fading out or still unsung?
   Someone who casts a shadow or a spell?
I’d like to be a threat, but if you do
   See me that way, just run—run far from me.
I’ll hurt you till the thing you thought was true
   Becomes a lie that wounds you mortally.
      Don't trust my words—I want you to believe them.
      Don't trust your eyes—I know how to deceive them.

Copyright 2016 Matthew J Wells


R. Vincent Park said...

Good ... But sooooooooo very dark. In my dotage I see light rather than not ....

Emma Goldman-Sherman said...

He is too kind to be a threat (though he wishes to be one) - he willingly offers up his weapons by warning her -- and yet his kindness is disarming and charming, even as it is full of bluster, bravado and vanity -- a fascinating character! And the scene once she enters?

Horvendile said...

The scene would be either a bar or a party where both characters have definitely had that One Drink Too Many, the one that would both allow them to cross a line and be their excuse if they ever did. Which, as I write this, is the perfect response sonnet for the young woman. To the Bat-notebook, Robin!

Emma Goldman-Sherman said...

LOL can't wait to read it!