Sunday, August 23, 2015

We Say We Lost You Years Ago Today

for Meir Ribalow

We say we lost you years ago today
   Like we’re the found ones, and not just as lost—
Stuck here in Act Three of a two-act play
   Where Death’s the scribe and Life is tempest-tossed.
You were the sun around which we revolved
   And now we’re orphans in this galaxy—
Troubled by problems that you would have solved,
   Blind to the strategies that you could see—
Forgetting that you didn’t try to rule;
   You tried to teach, and find the words to guide us
To where we’d give no suffers to a fool
   And trust the little sun that burns inside us,
      And know—like work is what we’ll find success in—
      The teacher’s always found inside the lesson.


Copyright 2015 Matthew J Wells

1 comment:

Leslie Carroll said...

And as I wrestle with my current ms. I try to hear his voice inside my ear, that Jiminy Cricket, that Tinkerbell, that Conscience... and wait for his guidance that always showed each of us our own True North.

Your beautiful sonnet/tribute had me in tears.