Wednesday, August 19, 2015


It wasn’t you there lying on that bed
   And not your face that my tears landed on.
It wasn’t you when I kissed your cold head.
   It was your shell—by then, you were long gone.
And all the wailing that you didn’t hear
   And all the anguish that you didn’t see
Meant nothing—all those tears, like flames that sear,
   Were not for you.  No.  They were all for me.
I knew, then, that all I knew was a lie,
   And learned the hard way that our hopes deceive us:
This life is all about saying goodbye
   To people that we love after they leave us
      In a cold room, smothered with sorrow’s weight,
      Where all the living talk of love too late.
Copyright 2015 Matthew J Wells


Reena said...

Very moving, Matthew, and deeply true.

Olia Toporovsky said...

Made me cry. Very beautiful.