Monday, March 16, 2015

The Love That Walks On Eggshells

The moment that you realize your life
   Is being lived so it will not offend
Someone who says he loves you, buy a knife
   To cut the halter from your neck, and send
Him on his way—that’s slavery, not love.
   That’s you suppressing who you are to get
Something your honest self would rather shove
   In front of subway cars than make a pet.
It’s love—but it’s the kind of love that feeds
   On making sure you always toe the line,
Say “What sweet flowers!” when he gives you weeds,
   And never (God forbid) step on a mine—
      A love that is, besides a sour charade,
      A frightened tyrant who must be obeyed. 


Copyright 2015 Matthew J Wells

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