Friday, September 26, 2014

Great Women

For Jenna, Alyssa, Kelly, Tara, Brooke and Kendall 

Great women are all eloquent grenades—
   The ones you study are an education.
The ones who know their minds make lousy maids.
   The ones who speak their minds take bad dictation.
Women whose wings are clipped still fly like jets;
   Those who spend all their strength are never broke.
Women who dare will never have regrets;
   Women who laugh at men all get the joke.
And when those who have pride are an affront,
   And those with self-respect are all called shrew,
Bitch, dyke, whore, man-hater and rhymes-with-punt,
   The problem is not them—the problem’s you.
      All doors men lock open with this one key:
      Well-behaved women don’t make history.

Copyright 2014 Matthew J Wells


1 comment:

Molly said...

Damn well said. One more -- women who think ahead, think at all, and advise wisely are "bossy." Hope Emma Watson reads this!