Monday, September 22, 2014

Coming Of Age Stories


For boys, it’s who they are when they’re alone,
   And what their lives will make them masters of
After they’ve journeyed, battled, learned and grown.
   For girls, it’s all about the boys they love.
For boys, it’s how they handle loss and fear,
   Whether they try to help or break each other,
And the importance of a good career.
   For girls, it’s whether they’re a wife and mother.
Boys are all future winners; girls all womb.
   Boys are congratulated; girls get blamed.
Boys get the road; girls only get the room
   To choose the man by whom they will be tamed.
      There are exceptions, but the law is firm:
      A boy’s a person and a girl’s a worm.


Copyright 2014 Matthew J Wells


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