Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Yorkers 101: The Money Thing


To live here, we must keep a balance sheet
   Because, on top of our “nut” (as we call it),
The moment that our sneakers hit the street
   Twenty five bucks vanishes from our wallet.
Our monthly take home pay may not be pretty
   But we’ll spend every spare dime till we’re dead
To do as much as we can in this city
   And paint it our own custom shade of red.
So we all grace these mean streets to the limit
   Of what we make here, and a little more.
If there’s a profit, we will gladly skim it
   To buy admittance through the members’ door
      And pinch our pennies in a Red Queen’s Race
      To make us feel as if we own the place.


Copyright 2014 Matthew J Wells

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