Sunday, April 6, 2014

McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission

"Money is speech and speech must be protected.
All laws against it have to be rejected.
It doesn’t matter what amount you spend:
The right to spend is what we must extend
To everyone, no matter rich or poor,
No matter what that money is spent for.
As long as there’s no undue influence,
All cash is worth its weight in innocence."
That’s what the law’s become—what five tongues say:
The legal version of a Passion Play
Where Law and Justice are both fairly tried.
(And guess which one always gets crucified?)
To those with ears to hear, the truth be told:
Fairness has been nailed to a cross of gold;
And Justice, which is blind, seems deaf as well
When it equates a whisper with a yell
And always fails to mend a broken promise
And never says a word—like Clarence Thomas.

So, in the land of the financial free,
Where does that leave us?  With equality!
Since the law says all cash is tit for tat,
The poor man’s equal to the plutocrat.
A penny and a hundred dollar bill—
The GNP of England and Brazil—
They’re equal now under the Constitution
Since they’re defined by the word “contribution.”
Spend what you have.  How can it be a crime
When twenty million equals one thin dime?
If this was Bad Law Hoops?  Those five slam-dunked it.
If this was math class?  Then they all just flunked it.


Copyright 2014 Matthew J Wells




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