Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Monday Music: Take a-hold of my hand and come with me

Twenty-nine years ago today, I moved to New York.  If you walked down 44th Street on June 20th, 1982, around 2 in the afternoon, you would have seen me, with really long hair, sitting with a suitcase on the steps of an apartment building, sitting there waiting for the friend of a friend who said I could be his roommate. Since this was before telephones, never mind cellphones, I sat there staring at Dyke's Lumber for a long, long time before he finally showed up.

This is one of the albums that brings back that summer. It was released on April 28, 1982, which makes it a good five years older than most of the people I hang out with these days. So these three songs may be new to them, in which case, I envy them this first acquaintance.

This one's for somebody I'll never understand:

Someday, Someway

This one's for Ava and Eva:
Rockin' Around in NYC

And this one's for me.  Duh:
Cynical Girl

Have a great week; me, I'm off to relive my wasted youth by drinking at the Wildwood Saloon.

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Horvendile said...

Drinking whiskey, of course.