Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Monday Music - He thinks my whiskey tastes fine

When I was 16, I was studying Latin and Greek and reading Herzog in English class. (Saul Bellow at 16--only in a Jesuit high school.)  When Rachel Sweet was 16, she quit high school and toured the country singing in support of an album released on the Stiff label.  She never really caught on--she only made 3 albums, I think--or was it 4?--but my friends and I loved her, and if there had been an American Idol back in those days, she probably would have won everything hands down.

So to get you started right this last Monday in June (aieee!), here's her hit -- 


-- her underage drinking lament--

Wildwood Saloon

--her fun double cover--

And Then He Kissed Me/Be My Baby

--and her bid for The Cheese Hall Of Fame:

Everlasting Love (with Rex Smith)

Hope you like them, and I'll see you next week after I run a couple of red lights on Memory Lane.

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