Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last night I dreamed you flew over my bed

Last night I dreamed you flew over my bed,
Half-bird half-cat, all fur and feather wings,
And landed softly on my sleeping head
And stroked my face the way Sinatra sings.
You hopped onto my chest and nestled there.
I came awake. I purred too when I saw
Your wide cat eyes. I reached to stroke your hair.
You flicked your tail and with your soft small paw
You clawed my eyes out, and I heard you purr:
“I am the last thing you will ever see.”
One cheek felt wing, the other cheek felt fur.
Your warm face nuzzled my face yearningly,
Your rough tongue licked me, and away you flew,
Leaving me blind to everything but you.

Copyright 2010 Matthew J Wells


amanda said...

dude, you have GOT to quit eating spicy foods so late at night!

Horvendile said...