Thursday, December 23, 2010


God above who sees our pain
Send us love like pouring rain
Send us strength to face the blow
Now we let our brother go

Death’s a drink we all must taste
Life the meal that goes to waste
Sound the music, soft and low
Now we let our brother go

God who loves the holy fool
Seat him at your corner stool
Let the taps of heaven flow
Now we let our brother go

Gary’s song on earth is done
All his races have been won
All his ducks are in a row
Now we let our brother go

Time may push us all apart
But we’ll keep him in our heart
And, through happiness and woe,
Never let our brother go

Copyright 2010 Matthew J Wells


Molly said...

Beautifully said. May he rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

really nice uncle. <3 xo - jenna

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Nicely done.

I know he is with God, regardless of what his predictions on the matter were.


ckb said...

God love ya, Gary -- you were a friend to all who knew ye and will be missed. In my prayers now and in our hearts forever. Slainte, o best of the best; God only takes the best and I hope you're giving Him the golly about it, too. *hugs*