Monday, August 10, 2009

Aphorisms and Observations

Bad writers think they’re the room; good writers know they’re the door.

Unprovoked force is always a sign of weakness.

The love you feel now is always the echo of the love you just lost.

Lies open the door; honesty furnishes the room.

It's always what it means, not what it is.

Fail once and you’ll do it without thinking for the rest of your life; succeed once and you’ll always have to keep doing it like it’s the first time.

The smaller the room, the louder the shouting.

Sometimes the intermission is better than the play.

It’s not what you write -- it’s what they read.

Alone, your insecurities are your weaknesses; together, they’re your armor.

It’s not what we do -- it’s what we do with what we do.

You can only get past a bouncer with your looks, not your talent.

Only follow the blind man in the dark.

If you can’t prove it’s true then you can’t prove it’s wrong.

The room only recognizes the renters.

If you need a lawyer to get you out of it, then it was a business relationship.

It’s always the secret sinners who oppose forgiveness for others.

Happiness is getting to wake up next to the man or woman you love. Or both, if you’re an actor.

The joke is still alive until Leno starts telling it.

Outsiders have swords; insiders have butter knives.

Opportunities are like rats -- you're never more than six feet away from one.

History is too important to be left to historians.

Those who see what's missing will never see what's there.

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