Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Update

The Fab Faux at Queens College. Three and a half hours of Beatle goodness.

That sound you've been hearing in the background? Somone's knocking on the wall of our universe and telling us to STFU.

Input Central. Books read this weekend: I Am Hamlet, Steven Berkoff. The World of Christopher Marlowe, David Riggs. Get Your War On, David Rees. Movies watched: Casino Royale (still holds up), Annie Hall (ditto), Buffalo Bill and the Indians (painful and obvious; made me dig out my copy of Arthur Kopit's Indians just to floss the movie out of my brain).

Output Central. Pages written at bar Friday night: 10. Actual pages of worthwhile material from pages written at bar: 6. (This is a pretty good average, folks.) Pages written Saturday: 5. Actual pages of worthwhile material from Saturday pages: 3. (Also a pretty good average.) Pages written Sunday: 4. Actual pages of worthwhile material from Sunday pages: 1. (That's pretty much the regular average.)

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