Monday, November 3, 2008

My Name Is Alfred

I09 has a speculative post on the identity of The Black Glove, the mastermind behind all the Bat-breaking in Grant Morrison's Batman: RIP storyline. They postulate Tim (Robin) Drake, among others.

My two cents? A couple years back I drafted notes for a series of 12 stories, six about comic heroes and six about their arch-villains. Since I'm probably never going to get around to writing any of them, the Batman story was going to center around a blood transfusion which could only be given to the wounded and dying Bruce Wayne by his father -- said transfusion being then given by Alfred. Because it's always made sense to me that Alfred was really Bruce's dad, after an affair with Martha Wayne.

And that's my guess about the identity of The Black Glove. It's going to be a two-part revelation: the "villain" is Alfred, and Alfred is going to be revealed as Bruce's father. And what happens when you've based your entire crime-fighting persona on the senseless death of your father, only to find out that your real father is alive and well? The persona of Batman has no reason to live.

Hence Batman: RIP.

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