Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekend Update

Notes for a diary entry. Ava, Ester, Daniel, Adam, John, Neil, Rupert, Eric. The P&G. Cassis. The P&G. Wine & Roses. The P&G. Pint of Sam, two glasses of champagne, four glasses of wine, pitcher of Sam, three pints of Sam, three glasses of wine. Wrote, typed, printed, edited; wrote, typed, printed, edited. ESTER: "I didn't find it titillating at all." AVA: "Titillating or scintillating?" MATTHEW: "That depends on whether you're interested in sin or tits." Paprika. Frontier Marshal. I Married A Witch. Watched football. Read Nietzsche. Fell in love.

Enchanted. I knew I was going to fall in love with this woman, which is why I've been putting off seeing the film. Yeah, the Denzel-in-distress ending is totally illogical, and if Patrick Dempsey was any stiffer he'd be a flying buttress, but Amy Adams, ladies and gentlemen. All I can say is, on the short list of comedies of innocence, this one is right up there with Nurse Betty and Clueless. And it's also a great New York City movie, with one of the best impossible Manhattan geography moments ever: did you know the Bowery is only about a block and a half from 116th and Riverside? Man, I want to live in Hollywood's version of New York. With Amy Adams.

Primary Update. Check out various reports from my friend Glynnis in New Hampshire.

Please return your trays chick to an upright position. Have a safe trip back to London, Ester.

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