Thursday, June 21, 2007

Things I thought about while running the Corporate Challenge

Why is everybody walking in the middle of the street? Walkers to the right, dammit!

Now I know how a car feels on the LIE.

Whoa—are all the girls on the Coach team gorgeous or what?

Look—it’s Lauren Ambrose trying to get to the Delacorte! Ha ha!

Nice T-shirt. (“I hope you’re not this slow in planning your retirement.” Of course, everybody who wore it was WALKING.)

Get. The Fuck. Out of my WAY! (I said this a LOT.)

This is like the Mermaid Parade for investment bankers.

Wow—I just ran a 10-minute mile. I bet I could have done it in 9 if these people walking would just GET. THE FUCK. OUT OF MY WAY.

Is the air really this thick or is it just the 15,000 hot sweaty runners who are making it this thick?

Ah shit—Abe just called with a free ticket to the Fab Faux at the Bowery.

Nice ass. (It was a girl on the Coach team.)

I’ll be damned if I let a speed-walker beat me to the finish line.

Water, please. With a water back.

And really--how fugly is this T-shirt?

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