Monday, June 4, 2007

Renervate, n. To renovate the life out of a place.

Case in point: The Film Center Café in Hell’s Kitchen. Remember the old wooden booths, the unbalanced wooden tables, the actors behind the bar serving the actors sitting at the bar, the frayed menus with the cheesy movie posters on the front, going out for drinks after a show and seeing Selma Blair eating a side order of fries two tables over? All. Gone. The place now has a maitre d’, a lot of pencil-thin Eurotrash waitresses in Little Black Dresses who pronounce Budweiser like it has a V in it, a DJ booth overlooking the restaurant floor, and a décor that screams Bubble Lounge Wannabe:

It's enough to make you walk down the street and drink a six of PBR's at Rudy's . . .

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Anonymous said...

Meet you at Rudy's -- BYOB