Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Weight Behind

I look ahead and it’s all haze and fog.
I look behind and it feels safe and true
Each step ahead feels like I’m in a bog.
Each step behind as snug as an old shoe.

I dream of all the mountains I can climb.
I wake up with a rock inside my gut.
No matter what I do, it’s the wrong time.
Yesterday tugs my leash like I’m its mutt.

But it’s my forward motion that is yanking
The rope around my neck that’s choking me.
So I can stand here, stationary--banking
On Time to cut the cord eventually--

Or reach out for tomorrow’s golden knife
And cut myself free from my former life.

Copyrght 2017 Matthew J Wells


Brett Busang said...

Best to process wrenching events through words and images first. Sometimes, they can provide the flashlight through which otherwise-invisible paths might be staked out. And even followed. I hope, my friend, that you find the one that will get you to a promised land.

Molly said...

as they say, no guts no glory. but really, i am in awe of your courage in this adventure. go for it.

love always,