Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Charlotte Coughlan 1924-2017

The space you lived in was a single room.
The hole you left behind is a whole world—
An almost-century of faith and gloom,
Of loves and births and passions—each one pearled

In your life’s necklace. You outlived it all
Except survival, and the love you felt
For blood and non-blood was a waterfall
That could make sinners clean and hatred melt.

It’s like an ocean has evaporated
And all it nursed flounders and gasps for air—
The lives you touched, the lives that you created.
Where can I swim now, Charlotte? It’s not fair.

I stumble, crippled by the loss of you
Though you’ll be with me now in all I do.

Copyright 2017 Mathew J Wells

1 comment:

Molly said...

So sorry for your loss, Matthew. Without knowing her, still I'm certain she'd be pleased with your words and with the self she leaves with you.