Thursday, May 19, 2016

Way Of The World

Sometimes the world is out to make you hate
   Yourself for all that makes you who you are.
The good in you becomes your evil fate;
   Blessings will curse you; all you make will mar.
You greet the dawn with hope, trust, and affection.
   They all cause the reverse of what you wanted.
Trust gives birth to betrayal; love, rejection;
   And hope becomes the house in which you’re haunted.
It’s like friends who turn into enemies.
   They helped, and now they hurt. Two sides; one coin.
Today’s locked door; yesterday’s set of keys—
   Tomorrow’s hammer, cleaving all you join—
      Till shame and hurt make of your broken pride
      A caustic pit where you can safely hide. 


Copyright 2016 Matthew J Wells



R. Vincent Park said...

Yes it has happened to me .... well written and darkly felt .... so soulful honesty that I hope the one that needs to read it does...

Horvendile said...

Your lips to God's ears, my friend. ;-)

Gary Ray said...

like a familiar comfort food I know is destroying my true self...