Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Jack's Daughter

                     for Steph Paynes

The hole he left behind is ten times greater
   Than what it looked like while he was still here.
It was a burrow then; now it’s a crater
   That’s deep enough to make hope disappear—
But never deep enough to dim the light
   That shined from his face when he saw, in you,
The spirit, the devotion, and the fight
   That he inked on your soul like a tattoo.
Sorrow, like love, is ours to give, not keep;
   And death not how we leave, but leave our mark.
The mark he left is why that hole’s so deep.
   The light he shed is why the hole’s so dark—
      Light that will never fail to warm and guide you
      Just like he’ll always be right there beside you.


Copyright 2016 Matthew J Wells


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