Tuesday, April 14, 2015


“But I’m content,” you said; and it’s that “but”
   That got me thinking.  We all use that word
When we talk of contentment—we’ll say what
   We’ve done, we’re doing, or what just occurred,
Listing the reasons why we shouldn’t feel
   Content before we say we are, like it’s
A ledger trade: on one side, life’s ordeal;
   While on the other, life’s perspective sits,
Balancing content with contentment’s hand—
   Thumbing the scales until both fall and climb
Are equal—until all our glasses stand
   Half full, with pardons matching every crime.
      “But I’m content,” I say—which is to plead
      The equanimity of lack and need.

Copyright 2015 Matthew J Wells
thanks, Rebeca!  :-)