Friday, May 16, 2014



When did she leave?  Yesterday.  Years ago.
   What are the chances she’ll come back?  Real slim.
You don’t think that she’ll ever miss you?  No.
   How do you miss her?  Like a phantom limb.
How do you feel?  Like old, warmed-over death.
   How do you live?  I take it day by day.
Is there still pain?  Only with every breath.
   What do you want? For it to go away.
What happened?  She left me for someone younger.
   I found out when she told me in a letter.
Sometimes a new dish calls up an old hunger.
   Next time, I hope I fall for someone better.
      You’ll give your heart again?  Of course; it’s just
      The last time I will ever give my trust.


Copyright 2014 Matthew J Wells


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