Sunday, January 26, 2014

Where are the New York bars of yesteryear?

Where are the New York bars of yesteryear?
   The Bottom Line. The Lakeside Lounge. Sin-é.
No one today can sit and drink a beer
   At Rawhide or the San Remo Café,
Dan Lynch’s, Mars Bar, Kenny’s Castaways,
   The Jukebox, Banjo Jim’s, Siberia,
Around The Clock,  The Lone Star, Jimmy Ray’s,
   The Cedar Tavern, Danceteria,
P&G, CBGB’s, Maxwell’s Plum,
   The Lion’s Head, Milady’s, Shandon Star,
The Gold Rail, Ye Olde Tripple Inn, Drake’s Drum,
   Rose’s Turn, Motor City, Buddha Bar.
      Honor their names.  Remember them with toasts.
      We all have favorite haunts that now are ghosts.

Copyright 2014 Matthew J Wells


1 comment:

Molly said...

alas and alack, i want them all back.