Monday, August 19, 2013

The incurable romantic deals with reality

Some men dream of a swimsuit-model wife;
  I dream of being worshipped like a pharaoh.
But when the dreamy women in my life
  Say “love,” it’s not “Te amo” but “Te quiero”—
Which means it’s sayonara Casanova,
  Goodbye “Let’s do it!”  and hello “Let’s don’t!”
Because God knows not even great Jehovah
  Can make a woman love me when she won’t.
So I can’t bake false hope into the real,
   Or think a dinner date means breakfast too;
I must not let love’s dream behind the wheel
   And must hear “like” when they say “I love you”—
      And live the vow true love cannot betray:
      To love, without love getting in the way.


Copyright 2013 Matthew J Wells


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