Monday, June 18, 2012

An Ancient Race

As much as I love The Searchers, whenever I see Once Upon A Time In The West in a theatre, I walk out three hours later thinking to myself, "Is there anything better than this?"  

The ratio of visual to spoken word is, what, maybe three to one?  Two to one?  Which makes it work as a silent movie; if you turned off the sound it would still work as a story.  As long as you keep the Morricone music.  It's the only western that successfully puts the opera in horse opera.  And it even has Monument Valley in it.

The great thing about living in New York?  This movie shows up about once every couple of years in a widescreen theatre.  Like yesterday at Film Forum.

I could watch it hundreds of thousands of times.  Thousands of thousands.

HARMONICA:  They call them millions.

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