Monday, January 17, 2011

My Ideal Woman

I was lucky enough (or cursed enough) to lay eyes on my ideal woman at the impressionable age of 11. Since then I have been doomed to seek out her qualities in those who, sadly, cannot match her either in the beauty of her features, the music of her voice, or the diversity of her appeal.

Who is my ideal woman?

Simply put, she is a woman with beautiful eyes

who loves to dance,

loves the outdoors,

feeds pigeons,

likes champagne in bed,

is alittle bit kooky,

but very smart

(did I mention the beautiful eyes?)

-- the perfect companion

who can also be motherly

because she's more than a little crazy

and a lesbian.

And you people wonder why I'm still single.

The Tom and Sophy Montage from Tom Jones

RIP Susannah York, 1939-2011

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Horvendile said...

Did I mention those eyes?