Sunday, November 21, 2010

. . . so which would you rather have? Something? Or nothing?

“I love,” I say, “the way you see the fruit.”
“I hate,” you say, “the way you see decay.
I notice things that grow, you that pollute.
That’s why --” “I know: I never seize the day.
But then the day is such a shallow craving.”
“It leads to different days and fuller flavor.”
“And traps you into dull routines like shaving.”
“And if your love were trapped so? You could save her.
You drool to do that.” “So do you. Let’s share
The rescues, then.” “Like Steed and Emma?” “Great.
And mate from love, not habit.” “Deal. And wear
Our daily best.” “Never cut down -- create.”
“And never, love, --” “I know: sleep on a fight.”
“Or a half-eaten fruit?” “So true. Your bite.”

Copyright 2010 Matthew J Wells and his imaginary opposite number

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Horvendile said...

Too bad this woman's imaginary; if she were real, I'd marry her in a heartbeat. If she'd have me.