Sunday, October 17, 2010

Double Farewell

To be read while listening to Hurts singing "Till you come back where you belong, It's just another lonely Sunday."


This little death of parting will not kill
The love we share, though it will make me bleed,
And all the bitter drops of blood that spill
Will skein my sorrow with the stain of need.
Without you, life is an abandoned house,
A hole that will become the heart of all.
Sadness will nibble at me like a mouse,
Forlornness drown me in a waterfall.
If I were walking in an empty room,
My footsteps would not echo half as loud
As they do in my city now, where gloom
Rules all, and I am lonely in a crowd,
Seeing your face in every face I see
And blind to all till you come back to me.


There is a part of me that you will take
With you whenever you’re apart from me:
A cutting from my heart that will not break
But branch into your own heart constantly.
If you should quake, it will not move an inch.
If you should fall, then it will give you wings.
If you should hesitate, it will not flinch.
If you should feel depressed, hear how it sings.
It’s yours to keep, no matter where you go
Or who you travel with--my stringless gift--
A quilt to warm you when you need a throw,
A compass pointing home when you’re adrift.
And if it blossoms and the fruit be true,
Give it away--as I gave mine to you.

Copyright 2010 Matthew J Wells

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Molly said...

Just lovely. Worthwhile weeks of madness if these are the result.