Monday, August 23, 2010

Who Am Us Anyway?

What do the following lines have in common?

"Why he's no fun, he fell right over."
"But it's really great shit, Mrs. Kresge."
"The department of redundancy department."
"Let's bend a couple in the Doo-Dah Room."
"You must mean the Old Same Place."
"What's all this brou-ha-ha?"
"May I take your hat and goat?"
"I don't care about your private life or what his name is."
"What's the bird's-eye low-down on this caper? Whatever that means."
"I ought to beat your brain out!"
"Rocky Rococo at your cervix."

1. They are all Firesign Theatre lines
2. which I can hear either myself or my friend Tom saying over and over again
3. because they are engraved in my cortex (and his too).

As part of my century-long project to encode every CD I own into mp3 format, I dragged my Firesign CD's out of storage and, which usually happens whenever I haven't listened in a long time to something I used to know by heart, I played them all. Meaning I talked along with them. And then encoded them.

But the one I played most is the one below. It always puts me through so many changes, as I wonder where Ruth is.

The Further Adventures of Nick Danger

And for a transcript? Go here.

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