Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Library Is On Fire - Mercury Lounge 3/9/10

The Library Is On Fire is what I call a black-and-white band, meaning that you could take 100 photographs of them performing in color and ten snapshots of the same show in black and white, and those 10 black-and-whites would blow all the color shots out of the water.

TLIOF is also a loud band; and when I say loud, I don't just mean LOUD, I mean the kind of band which starts a show with 50 people in the room chatting to each other and ends that show playing to the 15 people who actually came to hear music instead of socializing.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that they're also damn good. So if you like shows where one pair of earpluge is just not doing the trick, you really need to come see these guys at The Knitting Factory Friday night.

And if you like this --

02 Magic Bumrush Heartz - The Library Is On Fire

-- or this --

05 I Miss You So Much, It Hurts So Bad - The Library Is On Fire

-- then you really need to get your hands on this:

Magic Windows, Magic Nights

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