Monday, December 1, 2008

Weekend Update

The day we give thanks we no longer live with our parents. Watched parade on TV? Check. Listened to "Alice's Restaurant?" Check. (Thanks, Tommy!) Avoided watching football? Check. Side dish forgotten and never served for dinner? Check. Turn-around-twice-and-it's-Christmas clock pushed into overdrive? (December? Already?!?) Check.

Batman: RIP. More later, but seriously -- wtf? Check out the comments here, and meanwhile ponder the fact that Grant Morrison is now responsible for both the defining Superman and dumbest Batman storyline ever.

Tamara Drewe. And just to clean your graphic novel palate after the balderdgoulash of Batman: RIP, check out this modern adaptation of Far From The Madding Crowd through a David Lodge lens. British author Posy Simmonds has brewed up a clever mix of test and artwork, with pinpoint characterisations told through a multitude of pitch-perfect first-person voices. And once you've finished this, hunt down her earlier work in the same vein, Gemma Bovery.

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