Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dark Knight in America - 1

In 1984, Hate Week is celebrated from April 4th to April 10th. Along with waxwork displays, military parades, and incendiary speeches, you sing the Hate Song, and the Ministry of Truth distributes atrocity pamphlets which are designed to enrage the population of Oceania against their heartless and subhuman enemies.

In America, Hate Week is celebrated whenever the Republicans have a political convention. Along with waxwork politicians, military posturing, and incendiary speeches, you sing the Hate Song against the liberal media, you run against Washington no matter how long you've been in office, chant "USA! USA!" at every opportunity, and the Ministry of Truth distributes press releases against atrocities that all seem to have their basis in either a woman's right to choose or a man's right to own a gun.

What does this have to do with the biggest summer blockbuster ever?

Simple: the Republican party thinks it's Batman, when actually it's the bitter, scarred side of Two Face.

And where does the Democratic party fit in all this?

Simple: the Democratic party think's it's Batman, when actually it's the Harvey Dent side of Two Face.

In honor of America's Hate Week, we'll distribute our own atrocity pamphlets here, as we look at liberal stupidity, conservative rage, women as hostages, villains as terrorists, and a complicated definition of the word "hero."

In other words, I'm finally going to write a review of The Dark Knight the only way I know how -- by reviewing the country's political system as well. Because that's why the movie is so dark, so deep, and so popular. It's about America, and whether it actually gets the heroes it deserves, or just deserves the heroes it gets.

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