Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Update

Irish Flu. Because of Friday night? Saturday was a total loss. Thank you, Jameson's!!!

Sex And The City. Whatever movie Anthony Lane saw, it wasn't the one I watched. Don't any of these male film reviewers have female friends? Or are they just all full of crap? Discussion to come.

War, Inc. A satire that tries so hard to be sharp that it ends up being a blunt instrument. Instead of crying "Wow!" you keep on saying "Ow!" except when Marisa Tomei is on.

Sunday, Sunday. Got up at 7. Rewrote Act 2 Scene 2 in a coffee shop till 9:30. Saw the 10 AM Sex And The City at Lincoln Square. Walked out into the 95-degree-heat and felt like I'd been hit with a burning oven mitt. Walked to the Borders on 59th. Rewrote the rewrite of Act 2 Scene 2 in their coffee area from 1 to 2. Walked to work. Typed out the rewrites and printed them. Subwayed to the Angelika and picked up tickets for the 5:30 War Inc. show. Rewrote the rewritten rewrites for Act 2 Scene 2 from 4 to 5:15. Walked to the Corner Bistro. Had a Bistro burger at the bar. Got home at 10. And thanks to the August heat and humidity, slept for all of maybe 20 minutes.

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