Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Update

Player King Act One: done. I'm kind of scared at how quickly this play is coming out of me. This kind of rush hasn't happened since I channelled Oscar and Adonis ten years ago. At this rate, the first draft will be done around May 15th, which will mean five weeks of writing, and exactly 4 months of writing (my first notes are dated 2/15).

Tribeca Film Festival. Saw Idiots and Angels, the Bill Plympton cartoon, on Saturday , and Trucker, with Michele Monaghan and Nathan Fillion, on Sunday. Wildly different, but both really good. Reviews to follow.

Criterion DVD sale at J&R. This is like discount crack to my film junkie soul. Picked up L'Avventura, F for Fake, Shoot The Piano Player and Le Circle Rouge. Bad Matthew. Bad Matthew.

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