Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Soul of Love

If souls can touch, then ours embrace
Defying distance, time and space.
If love can write, then mine will pen
As brilliantly as halogen.

If souls can walk, then hand in hand
Ours wander in a promised land.
If love can run, then mine will climb
Mount Everest by dinnertime.

If souls can speak then ours will sing
A double note that's deafening.

If love is noise, then mine's a sigh
More piercing than a baby's cry.

If souls can feel, then mine will bleed
Until your life is free of need.
If love is pain, I will endure,

Rejecting every certain cure.

If souls have blossoms like a rose,
Then ours will bloom where nothing grows.
If love is thorns, mine is a crown
That I will sport without a frown.

If souls can sleep, it is no lie:
Yours sings to mine a lullaby.
If love can die, this much is true:
The sum of mine will die with you.

If souls are skin and love the whip,
Then mine is scarred from head to hip.
If love is wings, our souls will fly
Beyond this world of wind and sky

To where two souls can intertwine,
Where mine is yours and yours is mine,
And love, brave love, beyond compare
Is everpresent everywhere.

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