Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Songs for a Tuesday Morning: I was like the summer, wondering where to go

When New York City went straight from March to July in about 48 hours last week, people started saying, "Okay--it's officially summer."

PEOPLE:  Okay--it's officially summer.
ME:  Nope.  Sorry.
PEOPLE:   What do you mean, sorry?  Tuesday we were using a space heater; Thursday we had to turn on the air conditioner. That is summer, pal.
ME:  Au contraire, pops.  Or is that vox pops?  No matter.  It is not summer until I pull out my double album vinyl copy of the original Broadway cast album of Two Gentlemen of Verona and listen to it all the way through.
PEOPLE:  What's vinyl?
ME:  I mean my double cassette.
PEOPLE:  Your what?
ME:  Okay, the CD reissue.
PEOPLE:  "CD?"  These words you use--what language are they?
ME:  They're obslete English words for ancient forms of mp3 files.

Yes, music.  And it seriously does not feel like summer to me until I play this.  So here are half a dozen songs from the (insert preferred musical deivery system here).  If you listen closely, you'll hear me whistling them on the street.

Two Gentlemen of Verona 

Where's North?/Bring All The Boys Back Home 

Night Letter 

Love's Revenge (Reprise) 

Calla Lily Lady 

Where's North (Exit Music)

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you're a nerd.