Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Songs for a Tuesday Morning 11-30-10

Tuesday. It's the longest day of the week. Saturday was months ago; Friday is a year away. Tuesday is the day armies march through the rain and dig trenches that flood up to their necks. Tuesday is the day your ex-wife calls for her alimony, your ex-girlfriend calls to say, "And another thing," and your ex-boyfriend calls, period. Tuesday is the day your computer crashes. The day you try to sell your soul to the devil and he laughs and says, "Are you kidding? If I buy your soul, you'll owe me!" The day it's dark when you wake up, and dark when you go home. Even in July.

So, to rid the world of the Tuesday glums, or at least my little world, I'm going to post music to get us all through this endless day. It may not be every Tuesday, because Tuesday is also the day, when you wake up, you most want to crawl back into bed.

Like today, for instance, which is particularly Tuesdayish. I've been fighting a cold since Friday, and losing; I've been rewriting the same god damn scene three times a day since Veterans Day; and I'm second-guessing myself all over the place. Nothing works, nothing's good, and there's a loud voice in the back of my head screaming in frustration: "I'm a writer, damn it, not a re-writer!" (Imagine that said by DeForest Kelly and you'll get the joke.) (But since it's Tuesday, you're probably not even laughing.)

Anyway. Here's the song I listen to whenever I want to scream. The song that says it all. In the spirit of Tuesday being the endless second day of the week, this is the second song I think of when somebody mentions Screamin' Jay Hawkins. It came out in 1969, just like a couple of my high school friends. Play it loud.

Bite It - Screamin' Jay Hawkins


Molly Matera said...

yup, yup, it's true. and the song is perfect. thank you.

mags said...

it's like you're inside my mind!! creepy...

Jewel said...

Flipping Busy I did not have time to read this until today!!! How can one (meaning me) be so busy in the middle of nowhere! Anyway, yes yes I completely concur, song and sentiment.